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Quality management Vendor – Supplier: Automotive Racing Sector

The Automotive Industry is undergoing new changes horizons and strategies, breaking into new lines of business low cost marks a detriment in the production of materials, so in this whole process of manufacturing and placing on the market, which is the quality ?, this creates new challenges that make quality can get to stay in the background, so we must require our suppliers who are able to provide us with optimal resources, electronic components, yields plastic mechanical parts or equipment; with this the demands of the demands on the planning and management of the quality of our production lines and suppliers.

The supplier management is one of the parts of the efforts of quality for our production, with globalization and the falling prices control over these has become more than ever a decisive competitive significance. This means that the selection of these suppliers is more accurate, high quality and low cost on to dominate the processes and quality management tools demanded by the automotive industry. So the optimal supplier management has become from the point of view of competitive in a more appropriate choice of suppliers.

hhhThe selection process of providers begins with the search for potential suppliers and understands the fundamental analysis of the criteria most important decision, here come the audit process and product, assistance throughout the process of production and logistics, verification of stability production processes and accompaniment in checking the mechanical parts and other components.

In order to advance your improvement process suppliers must be ensured through precise integrated quality control in our processes quality management thus they may produce and deliver on time the required quality and quantity, is key in and delicate components critical parts closer monitoring is performed to supplier and understand the behavior of these elements in testing centers. The idea is for something good to something better.

Where is the innovation?

This question is difficult to answer, because here is at stake are the needs of our customers, our supplier’s ability to find new lines of research and development to meet the expectations that we have set.

In short, two – thirds of innovation are marked by currents of R & D that we receive from our suppliers, both for them and for us we should make a few lines of Continuous Improvement in seeking to meet customer expectations.

Therefore, it is important to improve the participatory and cooperative relationship with our kksuppliers, in technical aspects but also in other purely communicative and management procedures.The quality shows that are generally often a lack of communication comes supplier and customer, this means a loss of service our customers expect and that the products reach the market in good condition.

We must pay special attention to this deficit that may arise between customer and supplier, you can only be overcome with training adapted to the needs of each client.

Economic pressure and partners trust

The new strategy addresses as mentioned above are exposed to costs of resources and innovation proposals. Economic pressure pacesetter in the relaxation of specific agreements to hire the best people, so in the automotive sector (and many others) it has partners  confidence that we can go at times.

The specific advantages obtained from the relationship of trust is to improve time to obtain resources, achieve in less time with the desired product, confirmation, control and monitoring of product quality, detailed reports on the work and implementation of contracted resources.

At this point will include the coordination of the entire project, the  two – way communication promoting treatment for both my experience tells me that this coordination is often marked by the obstinacy of the supplier, the contracting party is established mark this relationship.


A clamorous need to dial a cooperative environment where a high percentage of innovation is marked by the provider but this arises from the need of a client and a market so the customer-supplier relationship takes on importance.

Need to implement tools to establish controls, standards and monitoring of a project. Ensuring product quality and delivery.

Search and rely on these trusted partners like, we help at key moments, they know our work and mechanics are adjusted synchronously to the needs that may arise us at times.

Proactive training and training of all stakeholders, so we can reduce additional costs, increase efficiency and customer satisfaction .

I hope that with these nuances of relationships with our suppliers to automotive level or not help us reflect on our situation and take action.

How to photograph car racing

Spring used to bring us plus a time (the weather) more peaceful, the beginning of a host of racing and engine tests posed for shutterbugs and speed a blessing.

This last weekend was in the eighteenth Hipster Photo Booth, an important meeting of Spanish and international calendar for championships mountain and, of course , I came across many amateur photographers, many novice. So today we will see some small guidelines with which to make the most of our camera on the road.

Respect safety standards


The first of the points is sponsored by Captain Obvious . Yes, I have seen many people with the desire to get a good spot for your photos venture into prohibited areas by the organization. Big mistake.

This is the first step that so shocking picture with the car crossed the curve is the last to do. In a career out of circuit anywhere is completely safe , there is always some risk, but if you have an accident in a prohibited area properly marked and you will be solely responsible . Losing the team may be the least of your problems.

Furthermore, if you are fond of racing you know that institutions such as the FIA or RFDEA are very strict security measures and repeated breach thereof by the public may result in the cancellation of the test in the following years .

Ensuring approach


Crux. The focus on a speed test can give us the odd headache. In the last race I have chosen to raise the ISO to 500 (although the light conditions allowed me toshoot with a lower ISO) and play with high values in shutter speed (about 1 / 1000s) and media openness. So you can freeze the motion of cars without follow.

Using a configuration practically assures us focus on the whole scene, for example useful if you do use burst . Your camera can shoot 8 photos in a second, yes, but a car at 120 km / h travels 33 meters in a second. Another option is preenfocar a point and shoot at passing car.

Although we can open up to creative options I usually lock the focus on the middle of the vehicle , at the height of the door, because there a lot of information is concentrated: the pilot himself dorsal, test name, …

It not usually is necessary to use supports like tripods but if we carry a heavy telephoto the help of a monopod can come to us very well; It is lighter and offers more mobile than a tripod.

photographic sweep

Javi Villa - 2012

The best way to get to capture the speed of the cars is the use of this technique.The photographic sweep is considerably easy to perform and the results are verypowerful visually . It is advisable not to abuse it, it can become tiresome.

There is no single value shutter speed to achieve the effect depends on many factors so it will start playing, for example, 1 / 100s as very high to go down and looking at the results. When you see the car appear follow it with your camera and be sure to follow until you press the shutter, it’s that simple.

The thing can be complicated if you use long focal lengths or are very top of the car. Think of an airplane flying at 700 km / h. Since land is really easy to follow with the camera , but if we were a couple of meters away … you get the idea, right?

Use filters


I will assume that you have followed my advice to always use the lens hood so I will not mention it again. Parasol addition there are a couple of filters that we can come in handy in a speed test: the polarizer and the protection .

The polarizing filter does more than enhance the heavens. On a sunny day at midmorning the only way to avoid the powerful and disturbing reflections of our star on car windows that are photographing is to use a polarizing filter. There’s no more.

The protection filter (can use a UV if you have one) should not miss on race day. It is plausible, I will not say easy but plausible, that the passage at high speed of a vehicle to project a small stone asphalt to anywhere. We do not dismiss the power of bad luck . That can be anywhere in your poor aim, so it better be a filter which is broken.



Unless we are doing very closed flat on the car or the pilot the issue of the composition will be able to solve it with relative ease. The good use of the roadwith its curves and straight lines or painted road signs and crave crucial enough for us to turn our gaze on our scene.

We should not forget to give air and space to the car . Although once we close the plane on a detail (some braking in which the wheels lock and goeth smoke, for example), in all more shots we should leave some room behind and slightly ahead, pointing to the You follow the road vehicle. Here, however, we again open tocreative possibilities .

¿ We fired horizontally or vertically? We will not close our band, we can try both . It all depends on the situation and how we can make the path for the benefit of our composition. Pictured above vertical shooting was the only option because several people in front of him and was the only available space. Accidentando car in the foreground add depth to the scene and all the space above the put in contextrevealing the environment in which the test is celebrated mountain.

Before and after the race


Let’s end with a recommendation that some overlooked. There is life beyond the test itself and in which the photographic possibilities not only not undermine but may even increase . Before the race, during scrutineering, or later at the awards ceremony often leave fans approaching cars and drivers.

In this new situation, the more relaxed for everyone, it is possible to obtain other complementary images that take in half of the race but equally interesting. Close -ups of the interior of cars, mechanics making final adjustments, cars in their trucks. .. the possibilities are much greater than when you are on the track site unable to move.

What other tips you consider essential for this type of event? These are just a few of many that exist.

A motorcyclist is killed by the driver which had just stolen bag

The motorist died this afternoon when hit by a car in Madrid’s Montecarmelo and the person who was with him had stolen the ถุง พลาสติก bag to the driver of the vehicle that has finally rolled them and pursued them to retrieve their belongings.

The event occurred about three o’clock in the afternoon at the Sanctuary of Valverde Avenue, when a motorcycle they were traveling two people went off the road and a car that happened just after it has run over one of the two motorcyclists, has Madrid Emergencies reported.

Police sources have explained that, according to preliminary investigations, motorists had stolen the bag to the driver of tourism, which has decided to pursue them with your car. At a time of persecution the bike lost control, its occupants have fallen and the driver was unable to avoid running over one of the two motorcyclists, while the other has fled.

This is the main working hypothesis with the police, after collecting evidence at the scene, although the investigation has just begun, the sources said. As a result of the collision, the rider of 25 years has died on the spot after being trapped in the underside of the car, Madrid Emergencies reported. The woman driving the car, 30, has been attended by psychologists Samur because of an anxiety attack.

The Municipal Police and the National Police have taken over the investigation of the accident.

Running to lose weight – Running sprints or long distance?

When it comes to running to lose weight, you ask me what is the “best” way to do it.Intervals, sprints, steady long distance races? Why you should choose between them if you can do them all? I feel in life and in the variety of exercises that really helps to spice things up and keeps motivation high. Remember that equation fat burning success. Exercise + Nutrition + motivation

Generally when you are corriendor to lose weight, I recommend doing it first thing in the morning, in an “almost empty stomach”, ie taking some supplements fat burning and sometimes a very small ball of the protein or BCAA.

No But if you’re like me and most humans, you will find probably much harder to make runs in the morning. The risk of injury is greater too. So in the morning, I personally select “normal” resistance, running non – stop for 20 to 50 minutes depending on the time you have and your fitness levels, or some style execution interval when alternate between running hard for a minute go slowly for a couple more.

interval training has been shown in many studies to be the most effective of the two, if you are running to lose weight, but again, the reality is what they prefer to do is much better ! The “perfect” program that does not act on is not better than you will actually do! I like to do both styles of running how I feel variety is important. However, I know many people in the opposite of this have to do the same thing day after day to perform at your best side. What suits you, do it!

If you are overweight and / or out of shape to start a running program not only dive at high speed. So sore’ll lose your motivation and has a good chance of getting hurt.Start walking fast if you can not run. Or interval training by alternating between running and walking slow. What you feel you can do yourself without pushing hard yet. You will get better if you keep at it I promise. In fact, if you start really out of shape, it is likely to move much faster than you think. By doing it slowly but surely, you are keeping forward for a long time, feeling better, getting better, and that momentum will be unstoppable!

At a higher level of fitness, interval training is good preparation to sprint workouts. – probably the best way to run to lose weight but gain muscle at the same time

Why I like sprints? Is it because if I’m a masochist? Hmm, maybe that’s part of it. I also know that the feeling of extinction of maximum effort is addictive. When you are really in an area that seem to fly by as a Ussain Bolt – although it is an illusion, it feels real to me well 🙂 It’s very difficult but fun. Warning: Do not eat right before doing sprints even if you do not like messy situations! (Hint: you do not want what is in your stomach to finish in their shoes and belly …)

also sincerely I believe success leaves clues. Have you ever seen a fat sprinter? Not only are fat free, but have muscular, physically defined – what more fitness enthusiast and not look like. On the other hand, marathoners usually very thin too, but no muscle tone, and are almost walk and the sick. Rarely they have a vibrant energy, full feel to them. The same is true with many women addicted to aerobic classes. They do not seem to fit well.

So why follow in his footsteps if you are running to lose weight if you can follow those results you want? Run to lose fat and maintain muscle. Not only lose weight but comme le phen375 . And by the way I know sprint really works the back so you can get one after that will cause some sneak peaks 🙂 Hey, you can avail from time to time, after all, work hard for it!

Once more, he chose as his running to lose weight, do it! The “perfect” running weight loss program does not exist, and if you just read about it if you do not do any good! You know the slogan: JUST DO IT!

Dog Sports: keep your pet strong and healthy

All dog breeds need to exercise your body at least once a day to keep fit and wear energy. It is essential for all animal if you want your pet happy.

The race is a test of great strength and allows the pet care of your body

All dog breeds need to make a minimum of sport a day if our pet is healthy and happy.In addition, the carrying out of sport and ibuprofen for dogs will also help your pet to stay on your weight, be healthy and burn all that energy that has contained, sometimes you can see expressed in the form of anger, nerves or even at break unwanted cushions and furniture.However, not enough to let it loose in the park to run for a while, but we must follow a series of sports that our dog can exercise better.


Dog sports are all activities and aerobic exercise designed to exercise the dogs to improve their physical and mental health. Not all are suitable for all types of races, as they rely on their agility, learning ability and coordination, strength or size . Within the canine sports activities we can find many, but the most popular and famous are as follows:

Resistance test : This test is the same as we do humans. You have to give a series of turns running on a running track between 15 to 20 kilometers . This exercise is carried out supervised by a judge and part of it more than a dog with its owner or trainer.Human accompanying the pet can do the bike ride or rollerblade, as the dogs run much faster than us and if they suit our pace not be able to see what the physical strength of the animal.

Frisbee is one of the most entertaining games and sports for the pet.

Canicross : this dog sport should be performed only by d federated eportistas with their pets , since it requires a high effort and physical training. It is to wear a belt around the body with an elastic cord tied to a harness worn by the dog, thus impels the animal to run faster and mountain terrain. To perform this dog sport depend on good education and training of the animal, so it’s dangerous to do it with dogs that could make us fall or violent put in stressful situations.

Dog Skills : This sport not only exercises the body of the animal, but also their mental abilities. Thus we can test our dog with others of various races to prove their ability to obey and memorize what the dog was taught under different circumstances of which he is accustomed. This exercise can be performed with other pets so the jury to award a prize to the dog who has done better.

Frisbee : This exercise can be performed in any open space, provided they can not harm others. We just need a frisbee (disc special plastic dog) that will release it into theair and catch him, then I return it to throw it back. Thus the dog, plus they learn to obey and return the disk every time you want to play with him run.

The park is another great option for your animal, at least get even once a day to enjoy nature

Tests Agility : This is perhaps the most know for dogs. A series of fences, higher or lower, are placed on a running track and the dog has to go running and saltándolasall without throwing them to the ground. With this test the animal can also demonstrate their skill at controlling its speed and agility to do well as long as the tour. As in other sports it can be performed under the supervision of a judge and other dogs so that it becomes one of them the winner.


Depending on the type of dog you have should inform good about the sport that you like best suits your needs or not. These are some of those that can be performed. However, there are many more, so it is essential that we know what is best for the health of your breed of your pet .

For example, a small dog and little burly can not perform activities like canicross that require strength and endurance. But they can do sports agility or skills to demonstrate their level of obedience. So we choose the sport based on the race of each dog and not what we like to us, because depending on your pet will have a strength and other needs.

Another way to make our sport is going to play with him in the park . If the frisbee is not the toy that best suits your needs, you can buy a ball or stuffed animal for him to go running after him and give it back properly. As we mentioned, the dog sport not only helps them to be better health, lean and strong, but also reassures them, make them learn a routine and obedience.

Cyclists should also go to the gym

Many will think that is very effective going to the gym if your sport is cycling. However, the gym work is important for cyclists , especially in winter preparations. Strengthen muscles, ligaments and joints strengthen fundamental is a pillar to move better in practice and to avoid injury.

We are not talking about planning a routine to gain volume or hypertrophy, it’s just a job for improving strength in several planes. Thus the rider can ultimately increase your pedaling power or win a strength-endurance step that could improve the pace of pedaling.

You can go collating work with the bike and roller gym , where we can go 2-3 times a week and do sessions circuit . We must not only work the lower body, the upper is also important: arms, ventilatory muscles, chest, shoulders is back.

Once the season started is clear that the important thing is to shoot and train on the bike, but the gym work in the cyclist gives the muscular spark that advances in training. Many times we talked about the Best in home personal trainer, cyclists because for something similar happens, the gym should also be part of the preparation.

The champions of extreme tour in Mauritius

The energy drink brand Red Bull, specializing in sponsoring extreme sports, began a tour in mauritius luxury villas. Senad Grosic, BMX champion, performed demonstrations in several parts of the island. Maxim Habenec, skateboarding champion and Robert Kovacs (trial biking) will imitate from this week.
With this series of demonstrations, Red Bull aims to popularize the practice of extreme sports in Mauritius. The three champions are sponsored by the brand in their respective disciplines and have to live moments full of adrenaline Mauritian lovers of extreme sports.
On site for one week, the Austrian Senad Grosic has already ignited wherever it s’ is produced. St Mary’s college at Rose Hill last Thursday, he dazzled the company Mauritian students Sébastien Frivet adept BMX. As emphasized Pascal Pierre, who officiated as facilitator, BMX champion is one with his bike. Sometimes on the front wheel, sometimes on the back wheel, Senad Grosic stood balanced on his BMX in all imaginable postures. In little more than ten minutes, he executed some large figures. The atmosphere was warmer when the champion executed a Back Lift and when his comrade Mauritius and started him to jump over the elongated ground students, increasing the number of students in progressively.

Senad Grosic steals bike.
To get to this level, Senad Grosic has been training and has participated in numerous international competitions. Discovering the sport by watching a television program about an Austrian freestyle team in Vienna, he began to train and perform tricks in a coal mine. In addition to winning the Red Bull Dirt Ride, Butcher Jam in Flensburg and the Austrian King of Dirt, he finished second in the X-Games in China, third in the 20 inch BMX Contest Trophy in Innsbruck in fourth place at Kings of Berlin, by winning prices Best Trick, Best Line and Best Jump. Senad Grosic is also known for directing one of the largest most difficult jumps and tricks, as when he took a ramp 2.9 m high freestyle motocross in 2008.

Maxim Habenec king of skateboarding.
Maxim Habenec, the champion was born in Prague, is mounted for the first time on a skateboard at the age of six. Since then, he continues to push the limits. In 2009, he won the championship of the Czech Republic. In 2010 he was awarded the Mystic Cup, while finishing third at the World Cup Skateboarding in Rome. In 2012 he was proclaimed the winner of the Adidas Skateboarding Championship in Prague.

Robert Kovacs, as the trial biking.
The third guest of this Mauritian tour, Robert Kovacs, born in Romania. He won the national tournament biking trial in his country in 2008. Subsequently, he worked hard to win the national title Elite. In 2009, Robert Kovacs took first place in the competition of Bella Italia, followed by a second place in the main Cup in Oradea. The same year, he came third in the Romania Cup in Bistrita Nasaud, competing in the elite class. In 2010, he also earned the title of vice-champion in the elite class; in 2011, he won the title at the Cup Oradea.
The next demonstrations of these champions will be June 20 at 11:30 am at Caudan Waterfront, June 21 at 15:30 at the Skatepark of Bagatelle, June 22 at 11:30 am at Super U Grand Bay and on the same day at 15:30 at Skatepark of Forbach.

How to Lose Weight Doing Exercise Bike

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sedentary lifestyle weight loss diets
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Survey motorcycles: Japanese bikes break down less but more like American motorcycles. These are the results of the legit paid surveys conducted by bikes.Survey motorcyclesIn another article Blogdelamoto talk about the selling motorcycles in 2014 , today we tell you more about this survey motorcycles.

Are you thinking about buying a motorcycle? If so you might also find interesting the results of this survey.AMERICAN MOTORCYCLES?

  • According to this survey motorcycles measuring consumer satisfaction in the United States, the data show that consumers are confident that Japanese brands are damaged less, brands like – Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda or Kawasaki -. However when buying a vehicle also it influences ‘you enter through the eyes’ to fill you. In this case consumers ‘fall inlove more’ American models motorcycles as Harley Davidson, Victoria, American Eagle Motorcycles, Buell or Rokon.
  • No doubt when buying a motorcycle there who is seduced by engine noise, the dHarley-davidson-750-1_thumb.jpgesign and ‘halo’ of a certain brand. For example Harley Davidson can not deny has a special charm, which speaks of adventure, freedom and a very American style of life.
  • All this is fine, but in time ‘lean’ in recession, the price has perhaps above design and also know that the bike we buy is tough, hard, little is damaged. This is what happens in general with the Japanese bikes. In Spain and many other countries during the crisis suffered all, the sale of cars and motorcycles for example. Just months that is already brightening sale both motorcycle and car, but have been bad years.

Suzuki Address

  • Over the years motorcycles have increased their safety, comfort and refinement, but also the landscape has changed. Now there are more women buying bikes and more people between 30 and 40 use the bike to get around.

With these data in the magazine Consumer Reports did a survey on motorcycles , to know two things.

✓1- In that bikes which sold more trust more, or think you are damaged less

✓2- Among the best selling motorcycles which ones you love


  • The answers in this survey motorcycles showed that reliability and satisfaction not always go together, the most beloved bike belonged to the American brand Victoria,although it was not one of the most ‘trusted’ brands, stronger motorcycles, which They are less spoiled and therefore more reliable Japanese were the marks. Although the last thing a motorist want to have a fault, sometimes the choice of buying a motorcycle also weigh other reasons, such as you fall in love with the design for example.
  • Consumers surveyed by Consumer Reports felt that Japanese motorcycle brands were more reliable than most other brands. Preferred order Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and this survey Kawasaki.En American brands such as Victoria or Harley – Davidson were the most desired in the middle were other brands like BMW and Ducati Can-Am that as consumers gave more problems.

5 great movies about motorcycling

Are You miss the adrenaline of MotoGP? These films will help you cope with the summer break.

It makes long waiting and rest of pilots MotoGP ? Before it reaches the appointment Indianapolis this week with the second half championship ahead, we leave five of the best movies and documentaries on motorcycle racing. Here is our list, you can watch movies on movie25, and you are free to add as you like in the comments … Recommend your favorite!

1. On Any Sunday

Let’s start with a film that not only captures the excitement of the races, but the general joy that only gives us life around the world of two wheels.

Launched in 1971 and directed by Bruce Brown, ‘On Any Sunday’ it is led by Steve McQueen (who also participated in production) and has been praised for decades as the quintessential motorcycling documentary. Follow the steps in the life of the pilots and amateur enthusiasts, dissecting his spirit; also helped discover specific talents and personalities who then succeeded in different disciplines of motorcycling. ‘On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter’ He picked up the baton (being led by the son of Brown, Dana) in 2014, although the original remains one of the indispensable to see.

Valentino Rossi in 2001, at the time of Honda
A young Valentino Rossi in 2001 © Getty Images

2. Faster

This 2003 documentary film made by Movie4k concentrated on MotoGP , following from within the seasons 2001 and 2002 to give a vision at the highest level of motorcycle racing.

It was timed to coincide with the rise of Valentino Rossi in  MotoGP, but also put his attention to John Hopkins ,  seeing it now, we remember the big American talent when he started (only 18 years).

Includes a ‘Who’s Who’ of royalty MotoGP: a series of interviews with sports legends that adds to its impressive nature.

3. TT: Closer To The Edge

This is an impressive research career world ‘s most famous road. ‘TT: Closer To The Edge’ offers a hair – raising experience.

If you’ve ever seen the Tourist Trophy and you’ve been stunned at what they saw your eyes without knowing how they are able to do that, this film about the event and help mere mortals like you and me.

Takes place entirely during the  TT Isle of Man 2010 and helps us to feel and feel the tension surrounding the test and find out what motivates who is part of it. And there are a lot of Guy Martin .

4. Dust To Glory

The Baja 1000 is the linchpin of this fabulous film does an amazing job to convey the best and worst of the test as well as the passion of those who are involved in it both directly and indirectly.

A film that perfectly engages the beauty of driving off road with what it means to overcome physical and mental obstacles … A documentary that will be impressed even those who prefer speed to the field.

2012 MotoGP: Casey Stoner in Valencia
The final corner of the race Casey Stoner © Gold & Goose / Red Bull Content Pool

5. ‘The age of 27 (The story of Casey Stoner)’

It may be the least obvious choice from the list, especially by the fact that there are other biographical film, but it is a long way to better meet one of the characters in MotoGP (and the world motorcycling) most misunderstood and enigmatic .

Aversion Casey Stoner to the media and glitz of MotoGP never questioned during his short but successful career, which ended voluntarily when the Australian was 27 years old. This film helps to understand that behind that cold outside, lay a young man who made many sacrifices to reach the top and it was a real consummate professional.

It also helps us break down the reasons why one of the most talented pilots recently decided to leave, even when it seemed that he had not reached the top and he expected more wins and podiums. Interesting? You can stream and watch here couch tuner.

They recovered two stolen bikes trial and Javier Muller

According to reports from the SEP, they were found by police in Louis, Mauritius on Sunday March 8 and have already been given to their owners.


They recovered two stolen bikes trial and Gaston Javier Mauricio Muller

Finally Javier Mauricio Gaston Muller and recovered trial bikes that were stolen last Sunday March 1 at the home of Union of Public Employees. As reported on the official site on facebook SEP, they were found by police in Port Loius, Mauritius villas on Sunday March 8 and have already been given to their owners.

“We want to inform all friends and media, who cared and helped the news spreading that the two bikes trial both  Muller as Gaston Javier, were recovered on the day of Sunday March 8 “reported on Facebook.

The robbery had been in the house where cyclists competing live under this shirt. Thieves broke the entrance door of this place while Pedalers were competing in Caucete in the context of the race Carrizo Moon.
Mauricio Muller reported on his Facebook account, he was one of the most affected since they stole the bike he had prepared for the Tour of Uruguay.
“When you take 20 years as a cyclist and only now you could have your bike path and against the well-armed and you find that one or a HDP bastards blew up the house of your team and your bike time trial took a few days of beautiful and important goals only transmitted in two words, impotence and bitterness. If anyone knows something San juan please advise. thank you, “Muller wrote at the time.
The time trial bike, is characterized by CERVELO P4 box, Handlebar 3T, Group SRAM Red, Seat Fisik, Levers and dishes Rotor.
But this was not the only bike stolen. Also they are stolen the Gaston Javier who is also racing and is characterized by HG TT1 carbon frame, SRAM FORCE group, handlebars and seat Carbon Planet X.

Motorbike accident left one person dead and five wounded in Bucaramanga

Negligence, violation of traffic rules and speeding have caused several motorcycle accidents during the weekend in Bucaramanga.

These are two of the three bikes involved in the accident on the way to Matanza. In this clash, two men were injured and a third person was unhurt.

Seven people who were traveling on a motorcycle were involved in traffic accidents during the weekend. One killed, five wounded and a woman ended up unhurt but she had to visit Dentist Melbourne after that.

Via the airport

The first incident occurred on Saturday at 3:55 pm between 69 and 70 kilometers of the road La Fortuna-Bucaramanga. In this case a truck was involved TAV-309 turbo plates that was parked. His driver Marco A. Castellanos tried the door and surprised two men on a motorcycle trying to avoid that the door slammed into a tractor-trailer that was passing by.

In the BWS motorcycle GBS-32D plates traveling companion and Andrés Giraldo as Sergio Martinez, who was under TRACTOR TSI-541 plates, which was driven by Alexander Quiroga Ariza.

The driver of the motorcycle sustained open wounds left leg and his passenger had fractures in his lower extremities. Both people were stabilized at the Clinic of Pigs.

Sector Centroabastos

At 4:30 pm the same Saturday as was moving from north to south on the road to Chimitá, Gilberto Monsalve had an accident on a motorcycle plate DEN-36C. The clash was against OMK-719 pickup driven by Luis Rueda plates Carreño, who was entering the track from the adjoining Centroabastos return.

Although authorities say the fact is under investigation, it was learned that the motorcyclist had priority because he was on the track at the time the truck left the back.

After the event, Monsalve Beltran was taken to the Clinic Giron, where he died moments later. The blow would have received in the skull, however, authorities say also showed lacerations on his upper and lower limbs and one side of his face.

Way to Kill

In the race 19 with street 13 the way to Matanza, Guevara Kelvin Florez Ochoa and William James were seriously injured after colliding motorcycles in which mobilized.

According to reports a witness, there were three motorcycles coming down to Slaughter. The driver of one of these tried to be returned (by a ‘U’) and caused the collision with the other two. An ambulance arrived to the place, which moved the wounded to the Clinic La Merced, where they receive medical care

downtown area

Yesterday at 11:00 am, two women who were traveling on a motorcycle on the street 42 with race 29, apparently failed a mandatory stop.

This led to the occurrence of a collision between the vehicle they were driving and a taxi XVV-402 plates, led by Napoleon Bonilla Garcia.

For this he was injured Rubiela Rapalino, who was accompanying and suffered a head injury that left her unconscious for several minutes. The driver, Rosina Caamaño, unhurt.

1 world...1 day...1 gear...

• U2?? U1? • Uh-oh...
• 9.01PM Sunday March 21 - NZ race entries closed...
Travis Brown from USA enters...and so does 09 Women's champ, Heather Irmiger...09 Men's Champ Ross Schnell also lining up to defend the tattoo, too...along with riders from over 25 countries...

...for the glory, the tattoo...and the beer...
if there is only 1 event you do in 2010
make it this 1... 

Singlespeed mountain bikers from all round the planet gather in Rotorua
in the heartland of New Zealand’s North Island
for 2010 bragging rights…
It’s a celebration of cycling and the spirit of singlespeeding...


 Every year, Rotorua welcomes thousands of mountain bikers from all over the world to the magnificent trail network in the Whakarewarewa Forest
on the southern outskirts of town...

The Rotorua Singlespeed Society ran the 2008 and 2009
New Zealand Singlespeed Championships
and now it’s World Champs time.

We’re stoked…rsss logoWelcome to Rotorua…

The Rotorua Singlespeed Society